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Photoset added 2012-09-03
Provided By: Fast & Sexy
This set contains 75 pictures.

Kayla Love with a 1965 Mustang

Photoset added 2011-05-20
Provided By: Fast & Sexy
This set contains 63 pictures.

The beautiful Kayla Love strips done in this sexy Nude shop scene from Fast & Sexy

Kayla Love Biography
Kayla Love
DOB: April 9

Hometown: Brick, NJ

Interests and Hobbies: Love out doors type stuff, going to concerts, skydiving, going to clubs and hanging out with friends.

Accomplishments: Playboy Special Editions: Wet & Wild, Lingerie, and Vixen

You won’t find another sexy vixen like Kayla Love more delicious than here at! With a hot tattoo of a butterfly merged with her birth sign – Aries, it’s only a detail when compared to her scorching curves, sexy smile and luxurious mane of dark hair. When asked what the favorite part of her body is, Kayla quickly said – my boobs! After you check out a few of her photos we’re sure that you’ll agree. Kayla Love wants her name to be a brand name on everything including clothes, clubs, restaurants, and perfume. In the future she plans to make her mark on the world as an actress, cover girl and the sexiest cooking show host on the planet! Kayla tells us that she’s hit on more by men than women, but the ladies definitely show an interest in this goddess. She reports that some her favorite hobbies include making money, working the night life and going to the beach. She has the dream of making it on the cover of every magazine around the world, and we have no doubt that soon that dream will become reality. Look all you like and buy Kayla’s hot nude and topless pictures today!