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Photoset added 2011-06-20
Provided By: Imagemaker
This set contains 26 pictures.

Keena Collins in a steamy shower scene.

Photoset added 2008-12-02
Provided By: Fast & Sexy
This set contains 33 pictures.

Keena "Colada" Collins from CinCin Ohio likes a comfy ride - and this series of sexy pics shows you how she enjoys it............on a big heavy road-ready Harley. She is built PERFECT to handle that ride...anywhere!! She's HOT!!!

Photoset added 2008-09-07
Provided By: Fast & Sexy
This set contains 28 pictures.

We were not able to get too crazy with this photoshoot but Keena makes a great pair with this Black C6 Corvette.

Photoset added 2008-08-04
Provided By: Fast & Sexy
This set contains 66 pictures.

This was Keena Collins' first topless photoshoot. This Blue C5 Corvette has a few modifications, but as you will see Keena's body is perfect in it's natural form!

Photoset added 2008-08-25
Provided By: Fast & Sexy
This set contains 23 pictures.

As the Sun went down the colors reflecting from Keena Collins' topless body got even hotter! The Corvette also looks good from the back.

Keena Collins Biography
Keena Collins
DOB: January 8

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Keena is from Cincinnati Ohio, and is a super-sweet, girl-next-door kind of hottie… with a WILD SIDE!!!! It’s easy to see why KEENA COLLINS’ all-natural beautiful body is so popular – and she proudly shows it ……as she posed with BOTH a C5 and a C6 Corvette, as well as with a HUGE HARLEY (she enjoys a good ride!!!!). Keena Collins TOPLESS and NEARLY NUDE is something you will NEVER forget!!! Her dark-hair beauty is totally disarming – you’ll feel weak in the knees – and you’ll click through her sexy photos over and over and over!!!!! Can’t get enough of sexy Keena Collins!!!