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Photoset added 2010-05-22
Provided By: Fast & Sexy
This set is a video.

Shannon Holly is the hottest babe in this topless video with two sweet cars! A Classic Mustang and a Yellow LT4 Corvette!

Photoset added 2010-02-18
Provided By: Fast & Sexy
This set is a video.

In Part 1 of Shannon Holly’s Fast & Sexy video, she’s hot and topless with cars, like this Audi R8. Buy all her videos right now!

Photoset added 2010-02-24
Provided By: Fast & Sexy
This set is a video.

In Part 2 of Shannon Holly’s topless video she proves what a sexy chick she can be. You just can’t beat stripping with cars like the Audi R8! Fast & Sexy has it!

Photoset added 2008-11-07
Provided By: Fast & Sexy
This set contains 39 pictures.

Shannon Holly has got it.... and she knows how to use she poses topless by a hot sporty Audi R8. One classy chassis alongside another.....Both with hot bodies!!

Photoset added 2008-10-01
Provided By: Fast & Sexy
This set contains 52 pictures.

Shannon Holly starts to get nude beside this Audi R8. Always buy the best pictures of hot girls and cars! They’re here at Fast & Sexy!

Photoset added 2008-10-06
Provided By: Fast & Sexy
This set contains 58 pictures.

Shannon Holly is topless in sexy lingerie the same color as this red Ford GT Supercar. Buy this and all Shannon’s photosets now from Fast & Sexy!

Photoset added 2008-10-13
Provided By: Fast & Sexy
This set contains 45 pictures.

Shannon Holly is definitely a chick with perfect breasts! This 1996 Yellow LT4 Corvette is bad ass too. This photoset is HOT! Buy it today.

Photoset added 2008-10-20
Provided By: Fast & Sexy
This set contains 54 pictures.

Shannon Holly is getting naked in these pictures with a blue Ford Mustang. Shannon’s a hottie who really loves cars…and she’s here at Fast & Sexy!

Shannon Holly Biography
Shannon Holly
DOB: May 20

Hometown: Delaware - the 1st State :)

Interests and Hobbies: Working out, Traveling, Boating, Motorcycle Riding, Biker Rallys, Hot Cars, Riding 4 Wheelers, Hunting and Bass fishing

Accomplishments: Voted #6 in Stuff Magazine's 101 Sexiest Women Online May 2006. Managed to stay alive for 26 years - and I think that's pretty damn impressive, ha ha, and living it to the fullest!

We think Shannon is the reason Delaware is known as "the FIRST state" . . . And when you look at her sexy photos, we think you'll agree . . . cause she's #1 with sooooo many guys and girls! In her own words, Shannon does it all: working out, traveling, boating, riding motorcycles, going to biker rallies, riding 4-wheelers, and most of all . . . She loves HOT CARS! That's why we did photoshoots with her alongside some of the hottest ever: a sexy Audi R8, a red Ford GT, a collector's Ford Mustang from the mid-sixties, and a 1996 yellow Corvette LT4. When you think of nearly NAKED and TOPLESS sexy girls and hot fast and sexy cars, you can't help but think of Shannon Holly. And by the way, all you guys & girls, Shannon likes hunting and bass fishing too. Can you imagine being in the woods . . . or in a boat . . . just you and her? Now THAT's what sexy fantasies are made of! And Shannon's sexy nearly naked photos won't disappoint you – EVER!