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Photoset added 2012-09-06
Provided By: Fast & Sexy
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Tancy Marie poses nude atop our tool box!

Photoset added 2012-07-15
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Tancy Marie gets nude inside a topless Corvette Grandsport

Photoset added 2012-05-17
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Photoset added 2012-01-13
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Tancy Hanna goes from wearing a sexy bikini to fully nude faster than the Corvette Grand Sport goes 0-60.

Photoset added 2011-11-27
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Tancy Hanna poses Nude with a 2011 Corvette Grand Sport Convertible

Photoset added 2011-10-20
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Photoset added 2011-01-25
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Photoset added 2011-01-26
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Tancy Hanna Biography
Tancy Hanna
DOB: January 20

Hometown: South FL

Interests and Hobbies: Jet Skiing, traveling, shopping, modeling, and boating.

Accomplishments: Licensed Cosmetologist, Full time successful model, home owner for a decade.

Tancy Hanna, born in Texas but raised in the sunny state of Florida, says that her experience with Fast & Sexy was awesome! It was so much fun that Tancy canít wait to do it again. Once you see her nude pics with a sweet BMW Superbike, and then in her own shop scene, youíll see just how much she enjoyed herself! Her hobbies include jet skiing, modeling, traveling, and shopping. Tancy is also a fan of fast machines and said her favorite sports car is a Lamborghini. She doesnít have any tattoos because Tancy thinks smooth, naked skin is so much sexier than flesh covered with ink. She loves the music of Lilí Wayne and has seen the movie Legally Blonde more times than she can count. When F&S asked Tancy to describe herself in three words she said, determined, sexy and successful. Her favorite feature are her cat green eyes she says people just canít stop complimenting her on. With a sexy smile and gorgeous curves itís not hard to believe that Tancy gets hit on by both men and the ladies! Right now her dream is to pose for Playboy Magazine. Check out all Tancy Hannaís naked photos here at Fast & Sexy and buy them all today!